Age limit on playing airsoft

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Age limit on playing airsoft

Postby ABC1972 » 11 June 2018, 10:47


My son aged 12 years has been asking about playing airsoft. I was reading that there is a age restriction and one has to be 18 years to own a airsoft gun. Does this age restriction also apply to playing airsoft? Is a 12 year old allowed to use an airsoft gun?


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Re: Age limit on playing airsoft

Postby Metalman_666i » 11 June 2018, 10:59


The answer is easy. NO, a 12 year old is not allowed to play an airsoftgame in Sweden. Read this: ... 48#p248548 if you dont understand swedish, have someone to help you translate. A 12 year old can play a none weapon-carrying role. Like a hostage, photographer or something like that. A great opertunity to study how people play, what to do or not to do and so on.
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Re: Age limit on playing airsoft

Postby ohman » 13 June 2018, 13:49


It also depends on what you mean by use:
* No he is not allowed to use one unsupervised by an adult.
* Yes he can do target shooting at a range as long as a grownup stays within arms length and can take the gun from him if needed.
* No he can not play airsoft games with a airsoft gun as it is more or less impossible for a grownup to effectively stay in control during a game.
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