WELL R2 scorpion problem

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WELL R2 scorpion problem

Postby crazybullet28 » 24 September 2018, 22:46

I've just met a problem with my R2 scorpion. It sometimes doesn't shoot out the BB pellets, instead just drops the BB out. I've disassembled and checked it, and it seems that the problem is that the nozzle doesn't push the BB into the barrel.
Usually, when I press the trigger, the nozzle will
(1) First go back and let the BB go up and align with the barrel.
(2) Then the nozzle pushes the BB into the barrel.
(3) Finally, the piston will be released and push the BB out of the barrel.
The problem on my scorpion is that the nozzle sometimes doesn't push the BB (step 2 is missing)
I've opened my gearbox, but it seems that there are no cracking parts of failure.
Does anyone have seen similar problems before?

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Re: WELL R2 scorpion problem

Postby MiqaFox » 27 September 2018, 18:21

Sounds like a broken tappet plate or that its spring is broken/disconnected.
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Re: WELL R2 scorpion problem

Postby HrodgarHippie » 27 September 2018, 19:35

I HATE that nozzle. It's a one-of-a-kind. On the nozzle, there is a little peg. That peg goes into their version of tappet plate. If that peg brakes, you're in a living hell. You either have to buy a spare R2 to brake apart for the nozzle, or have someone manufacture it new for you.

Maybe, today there is a 3D print of it? During my days having problems with my old R2, it was before the 3Dprinters being mainstream, I actually had my new nozzle machined in brass! :x

[EDIT] I have my pictures and the drawing still, if it is the broken peg that is your problem. PM me for it.
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