Regeluppdateringar - Icebreaker.

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Regeluppdateringar - Icebreaker.

Postby hiro » 5 November 2013, 22:09

Står att finna på hemsidan, men kopieras även in här:

* To take out a vehicle you need a IED or RPG (both of them pyrotechnical)

* There is a 75% chance for most vehicles to get destroyed, some vehicles have better odds.

* Destroyed vehicles will have a small pyrotechnical device go off on them

* A small light will show that the driver have seen the shot, and tried to activate the device.

* Destroyed vehicles can be repaired with a repair kit. That takes 30 minutes (hood needs to be popped and vehicle standing still).

* If no repair kits are available, the vehicle can not be repaired and must be escorted (see below), or remain inoperable until a repair kit is brought and it’s repaired.

* Destroyed vehicles can be escorted by another vehicle to the resupply area (with blinking lights), where they will respawn after an hour. This still requires a repair kit.

* A vehicle without armour must stop if taking small arms fire. After dealing with the situation it cab move again (unless it was blown up).

* We control the amount of IEDs, RPGs and vehicle-resources there are in play.

* Ingame vehicles need to be marked with a flag (in-game nationality) or just a large red piece of cloth. At night there needs to be a red lamp on the roof. Non-blinking.

Night time
30 minutes after last light. No snipers or semisnipers allowed. No handgrenades. (use better trigger control, use semi-fire if you can, know what you shoot)

No firing into tents, or out of tents. Leave important game-materials outside tents (if you fail to guard your stash, the enemy might take them).

VHF is used solely by JITF. No listening in (they are supposed to be encrypted). Jaamat will mostly use PMR, but other channels might be used.

For groups that have the whole group eliminated the respawn-time is increased to 2 (TWO) hours. That is if the whole group bleeds out or are eliminated.

The stone bridge
To be allowed to drive a vehicle over Solgenån, the stone bridge, and a bridgehead on the other side first need to be secured by foot. That means stop vehicles at either end, let troops on foot search and secure the other end, then move vehicles over.

Any tarmaced road
Don’t do any fighting on tarmac, they are only for transport. You can cross these roads, but don’t fight there.

The injury-cards we will use can be found here (just for familiarization); ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

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