8-9 Feb Operation Tjärnan ASW international.

Lokala spel och andra evenemang i mellersta Sverige.
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8-9 Feb Operation Tjärnan ASW international.

Postby Xray » 4 January 2020, 19:17

Place: Tjarnan Airsoft Ground
Time: Saturday – Sunday 8-9 February 2019

Calculation done for 20 participants (2 groups of 10)

Price is:
395 EUR per person
• 16 hours of workshops (8 hours black tactics & CQB + 8 hours of Tactical Medicine)
• Experienced instructors
• Medical equipment
• Ground entry fee

If required: 1600 SEK per person (still confirming with hotel net or gross)
• 2 bed rom for 2 nights (2 people)
• 2 course dinner on Friday
• Breakfast Saturday
• 2 course dinner on Saturday
• Breakfast Sunday
REMARKS: Hotel and food can be adjusted. We realize some people might want to sat for one night for example. Please contact us for arrangement.


Close Quarter Battle course is designed to train students that want to
learn combat proven techniques of clearing a house both aggressively
and safely. The classes will be based on the principles of effectively
operating as a single team - up to six assaulters

Combat formations and fighting styles
Reflexive, dynamic work using rifle and pistol
Tactical magazine change
Individual and Formation basic moves
Teamwork/Keeping fire/Buddy support
The rules of shooting behind the cover - proper foot stance work
Rules of operation planning/Coordination of teams, communication system, negotiator, cooperation with other services.


Should be completed by everyone who plans to go to regions of military / law enforcement activities or to places at high risk of terrorist attacks

Care under Fire phase – self aid – tourniquet training
Tactical Filed Care – Buddy Aid training
Massive bleeding – direct pressure point, tourniquet, Junctional hemorrhage – wound packing – hemostatic agent
Airway management - Lateral Recovery Position [LRP] and jaw trust and chin lift maneuver (NPA)
Respiratory - Sucking chest wounds (occlusive dressings Bolin chest seal, sam chest seal, hyfin , hyfin vent, halo, asherman) – thoracentesis with needle
Circulation – hypovolemic shock , physical parameters, pelvic injury
Hypothermia Prevention – survival blanket, body heating
Head trauma
Evac – prepare to Evacuation
Manual training with Full MARCH protocol on the casualty.

For more info or questions please contact us.
AWS International
+48 690 137 621
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Re: 8-9 Feb Operation Tjärnan ASW international.

Postby Xray » 5 January 2020, 11:07

Hi there,

I believe I owe you all some explanation about who we are and what we do.
My name is Tomasz Slodnik and I am the owner and CEO of ASW International, a travel operator and consulting company.
The company was establish in 2015. It was more like a hobby related with my previous background*.
We started with local events for local companies.
One event in 2018 had changed our strategy.

Within a year we have transformed the company.
We have build a team of “avengers” in very rate set of skills and capabilities, including former special forces, former prv contractors, shooting instructors, martial arts instructors, battlefield medics, polar explorers, mountaineers (including Everest summiteers), retired special Police investigators.
Our intention is to design and offer unusual educational scenarios. We want our clients not only to try very niche simulations but also learn knowledge, that might be utilized in some conditions (examples: CQB for ASG players, tactical medicine for nearly anyone who wants to know what to do in case of a bomb explosion wounds – these are just examples).

The event we are setting up in Swede is one of such scenarios.

About myself:
About my background:
I have travelled many places including Pakistan – Afghanistan border region, North Africa during state of emergency, Siberia. In 2007 I was in the region, where had been the Japanese in the 50’ and Alexander the Great before them. I have managed to climb Mt Denali (6190 m) in Alaska facing minus 45 C. I am very passionate about atypical exploration. Especially outdoor.

I live in Gdansk and I would be very happy to answer any of your questions.
My mobile / whatssup number is: +48 690 137 621
Email: t.slodnik@asw-int.com

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