need help on upgrading my Thompson AEG

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need help on upgrading my Thompson AEG

Postby JoeClark » 6 October 2017, 11:07

Hello all,

So I have a (Thompson) Thompson M1A1 Military with 325 fps (what box says) and I wanted to upgrade the speed and still have the same amount of fps. And also could I just use a 9.6v battery instead of the 8.4v that came with it?


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Re: need help on upgrading my Thompson AEG

Postby Namboy » 6 October 2017, 19:17

Get a 7,4v Lipo battery and swap the Tamiya-style connectors to Deans connectors on the battery and gun both and that should do the trick without you having to open up the gun.
That's the only thing I've done to my King Arms Thompson and it's very quick and responsive because of it. :)
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